Philippa Hammond

Photograph: Thomas Everchild Studio 1919

English character actor and voice artist

” … understated and impressively controlled … Hammond excels … ” James Kirkup, The Scotsman

“… spellbinding and entertaining, heart rending and humorous …” Roderick Graham, The Scotsman

“… drama, suspense and genuine laughs … ” Lyndsey Winship, The Argus

Spotlight CV (Résumé)

Contact: philippa@philippahammond.com

Telephone: 07017 037590

Twitter: @philippa_uk

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Gallery – Film: Ivorwen in ‘Born of Hope’

Listen: Hear Philippa Hammond

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Gallery – Theatre: After ‘Turning the Handle’

Last night party after ‘Turning the Handle’ came down

An Edwardian Lady looks back on an exciting life – making naughty ‘what the butler saw’ films

Solo play by Thomas Everchild

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Gallery – Film: Masker in ‘The Recovering’

This short film is set on an airship sailing endlessly through a mysterious misty world

‘The Neverland Singularity': The Argus Review

” … extremely good comedy … ”

Barrie Jerram

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‘Turning the Handle': The Argus Review

“… a charming solo turn … beautifully out of kilter … ”

Louise Schweitzer

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Gallery – Film: Philippa in ‘All Heart’

Photograph: Tim Pieraccini

Gallery – Film: Mrs Shelley in ‘Struck By Lightning’

Photograph: William Ranieri

Mr and Mrs Shelley, suppliers of superior quality bolts to Doctor Victor Frankenstein

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Gallery – Film: Miss Mary Bennett in ‘Pride and Quatermass’

Photograph: Thomas Everchild Studio 1919

Philippa Hammond played Miss Mary Bennett

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Gallery – Film: Ivorwen in ‘Born of Hope’

Philippa plays Ivorwen, an ancestor of Aragorn, in this film inspired by a story by JRR Tolkien, set a generation before The Lord of the Rings

Photograph: Richard Unger

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